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Gemini Constellation**



Interplanetary Anti Virus Network

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Blockchain community empowering OpenAVN

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Frequent Face

Highly Scalable Face Recognition API

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Harish Prasanna

My work these days involve development, research and largely taking care of my ventures. I have created several websites, applications, university level projects, published in scientific journals, and contributed to various open-source projects in the past. I love solving problems at scale and usually attempt to architect technology with much emphasis to ease of use and simplicity. Entrepreneur at heart, a quasi perfectionist planner, world-class multitasker and an Engineer on a daily basis. I speak at least six languages and can read/write in five. My programming knowledge spans across the stack but I am always learning. After all you are what you do repeatedly.

My origins are from an ancient city called Madurai. It has a very special place in my heart. Usually found in New York City which I now call home.